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Turn-Key High Impact Programs
for Retailers

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Cash Raising, Stock Reduction, Store Closing, Renovation, Moving, Exit Strategies, etc.

Customized to Your Needs.

Weekend, 10-Day, Two Week, Three Week or longer Events!

Over the last two decades we have perfected our turn-key high impact programs so that any intelligent manager or entrepreneur can successfully do a high impact event on their own, even if this is their first experience with this kind of sale. Because you are in charge of your own sale and are not using intrusive “hired guns” to do your event, you will end up with a great deal more profit.

Most promoters charge from six to nine percent, plus per diem and other fees. We charge a small fraction of that, and if you follow our directions, our programs are virtual “silver bullets.” (They never miss).

We have been called “the furniture industry’s best kept secret” because nearly all of our business comes from referrals.

High Impact Programs
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