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Some of America's most exciting furniture stores are Larry Mullins' satisfied customers!

Dave Riemenschneider previously wrote a nice testimonial for a high impact sale. This year, Dave decided he needed an exit strategy. But he did not want a bunch of hired guns in his store putting hard sell on his customers. So, to close his store with community good will and maximum profit, He decided he needed a Larry Mullins store closing event. The results were legendary.

"I am writing this on the fourth day of the sale and already our 7000 square foot store in a rural town of 1200 people has grossed over $90,000."

"After 10 years in business, some great opportunities presented themselves and my wife and I made the difficult decision to close our store. Having used Larry in the past for other sales with great results, we were certain that he'd do a great job for us again. After taking the time to talk with us about our past and our plans for the future, he put together a terrific direct mail piece for us that told our story beautifully.

"With nervous anticipation we prepared for the opening day and when it came we were absolutely blown away! For three days customers poured into our store and sales were beyond our wildest expectations! I am writing this on the fourth day of the sale and already our 7000 square foot store in a rural town of 1200 people has grossed over $90,000.

"Larry's time tested plan is detailed and laid out so there is no question what the next step is or when it will take place. He got to know us and our business and I am convinced that there is no one in the industry that could tell our story to our customers the way he has. Thanks, Larry for all you've done for us and for our business—it's been a great ride!”

Dave & Alisha Riemenschneider
Kingsley Home Furnishings, Kingsley, IA

NOTE: Dave and Alisha continued to sell at an astonishing rate. When their eightweek event was completed at the end of May, 2012, their sales volume had reached over $573,000. To my knowledge, this is the largest sustained volume of home furnishings per square foot ever recorded.  - Larry Mullins

Three Months' Business in Eight Weeks While a Forest Fire Rages!

"Smoke from the forest fires here in Montana had been in the air for over four weeks and there was no end in sight. Customers were limited and new inventory was still arriving. I had thought about another "high impact" sale, but after several over the past year the results were not what they use to be.

I was talking with a vendor and he suggested I call Larry Mullins from Ultrasales, as he was very successful in helping business in difficult situations. I told him he was probably like most promoters and I doubted he could help. I didn't call Larry. The next day Larry called me instead! He told me his advertising did not use much "price and item" efforts like most promoters, rather he would tell a story and customers would come to my rescue. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and I did! He was right!

Larry told a story in his ads that is credible and compelling. He told a story of how the fire had almost stopped our business and the deals could not be beat! Custom pictures and editorial-type ads contributed to the narrative. Despite all the smoke in the Bitterroot Valley throughout September and October the customers just kept coming, some even wore masks to get to the store! We were able, with Larry's guidance, to do almost three months of business in eight weeks……and we didn't use "price and item" once, which helped us get better margins!

I am so much a believer in Larry Mullins approach that we will be partnering with him to create promotions and a website that sets Bitterroot Furniture apart from our competition through stories and testimonials. We will be unique and credible, as we both believe that consumers are starving to work with retailers that have their best interests in mind – not just another sale. Ultrasales didn't help for just one event, they are going to help create marketing throughout the year! After 20 years of promoting, I thought I had seen and done it all. It's great to be wrong once in awhile."

Mark Brintnall
Bitterroot Furniture, Hamilton, Montana


"I just completed my first Larry Mullins Sale and it was a huge success. Larry provides easy-to-follow instructions, and when I had a question he was quick to respond and explain the "whys" and "why-nots." He provided everything we needed in a timely fashion, including custom flyers for the newspaper, window signs, price tag art, name tags, calendars, and his legendary "BlueBook" of inside information.

"We followed directions exactly (this was a real key to the success of the sale) and the results were everything he said they would be, and then some. All we had to do was sell furniture. In addition, Larry provided powerful radio commercials that were absolutely outstanding and customized to our needs.

"We have been in business in Eagle Grove, Iowa, for 63 years. Yet many new customers were attracted to our sale who had never visited our store before. (That alone is worth a lot!) I attribute this increase of market share to Larry's outstanding plan, his print advertising, and his compelling radio commercials. I recommend Larry Mullins without hesitation."

Jim Christ
Christ Furniture, Eagle Grove, Iowa

"Hi Larry: Thanks a lot from our Westlife Furniture & Beddings Team here in New Zealand. You have been so precise in deciding the media, trading hours and event planning that we have easily done 3 months of sales in 11 days! We have never seen so many people walk through our doors. We have done quite a few clearance theme sales every year but the best part of this sale is that we sold more high end product and less loss leaders. I am very delighted to work with UltraSales and will definitely use your services in the future. Kind Regards."

Andy Sher
Westlife Furniture & Beddings, Auckland, New Zealand

"We partnered with Larry Mullins to run a Storewide Clearance Sale in our rural town of 1000. Coach Larry provided the playbook to run an unbelievable sale that created a buying fever unmatched in recent sales held by Dralle's.We are so happy Larry was recommended to us. Thanks Larry, I know this was a small sale compared to what you are use to, but I thank you for helping out the 'little guy!'"

Jeff Dralle
Dralle’s Department Store, Greene, Iowa

"Thank you for providing us with a very successful sales event. It exceeded our expectations greatly. Larry we are so appreciative that in this day of seventy, eighty, ninety and one hundred twenty percent off sales, that you respected the integrity of our organization and provided a very legitimate savings event. At the end of the day, integrity is what matters most, and you proved to us that your company is a very reputable and honest one. We appreciate that. You can be assured Larry, we will be contacting you with next year's advertising schedule to work with you on another program. Our sincere thanks."

Chuck and Nancy Kramer
I Keating Furniture World: Minot, Bismarck, Dickinson and Williston, North Dakota

"After much research and fact checking I decided to run a Larry Mullins event. Being a retailer with a 62 year history of integrity to protect, the event had to be honest and professional. I was impressed with the support from Larry and his office staff. The event calendar made it easy to follow and understand, and everything went off without a hitch. Needless to say it was a great sale. Most importantly, Larry's advertising methods brought new customers into the store. One out of three sales went to someone who had never bought from us before. Thanks Larry, great work!!!"

Mark Collard, Owner and CEO
Blackfoot Appliance & Furniture, Blackfoot, Idaho

"For seventeen years I have owned a franchise location with a top 100 furniture chain. Our corporate partner, Larry Mullins, has an industry-leading Marketing and Advertising company, UltraSales. Being part of a 120-store family makes it difficult to put a locally 'owned and operated' stamp on our store. I have been authorized to use Larry's custom High Impact events once or twice a year. Larry's expertise and unique style has made each and every event a great success. With Larry's programs we have been able to measurably increase sales during what are typically slower months without sacrificing margins… PLUS reinforce the critical fact that our store is locally owned and operated... 'Your Friends and Neighbors.' Larry Mullins can assist you in running a very successful High Impact event... just follow all the instructions, use his turn-key materials, and you will have a great sale."

Paul Barbaro, President
Slumberland Furniture of Willmar, MN

"Times were tough and we needed to move our excess inventory and generate cash flow. Larry Mullins was recommended to us as the person who could accomplish, what I thought, was a monumental feat going into the slower summer months, especially for a small store in a rural Iowa town of 1200 people. After much consideration we decided to run a 5 week event using his program. I admit, I was skeptical before the sale began, but even though there were a few things that I raised an eyebrow at, we stuck to every letter of Larry's plan....AND AM I EVER GLAD WE DID!! As this is written we are 2 1/2 weeks into the sale & we have posted 3 strong months worth of sales into that short time. Inventory is reduced (drastically), and cash flow is the best we've ever seen. The best part is that we haven't advertised any price points, and our margins are still very good. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who is considering running a high impact sale. If it worked for us, I truly think it will work for anyone!"

Dave Riemenschneider, Owner and CEO
Kingsley Home Furnishings, Kingsley, Iowa

"I have tried other promotional firms, and they generated a lot of business. But, when all was said and done, everyone made money on the sale but me. Larry created a great plan, and we knew what to do at every point of the sale. We did terrific business, and I made a lot of money. He was always responsive to our needs, and all we had to do was sell merchandise. I recommend Larry's programs without reservation."

Wendell Farrell, Owner and CEO
Wendell’s Furniture, Colchester, Vermont

"WE PURCHASED A STORE WITH THE CONDITION of being able to run the retirement sellout for the previous owners. After talking with several 'high impact sale' specialists, and considering doing the promotion ourselves, we settled on Larry Mullins of UltraSales. Larry's ability to customize the event and control traffic flow was the deciding factor. His unique approach to print advertising appeals to today's consumer and draws buyers without having to give away margins. He is honest in assessing the sales potential of the market and holding the advertising cost in line. You can avoid the risk of having a flop by using Larry Mullins."

Doug Bruce, President and CEO
Bruce Furniture Stores

"This is the second time we have worked with Larry on a promotion. Ours is an out of the ordinary challenge as we merchandise our two stores separately with different merchandise and different operating methods. Larry put them both together and made it work…wow did it work! Thank you Larry Mullins and UltraSales for a record setting promotion. Turning a difficult warehouse move into an exciting and rewarding venture is quite a challenge. Larry has a rare understanding of what it takes to make advertising effective and do it in ways that build our stores as a 'brand' in the community. Larry spent the time and made the effort to learn about our business and get those facts into the ads... the best way we know to separate us from the competition. This promotion pulled the most traffic we've experienced to date - resulting in record-breaking sales. Our two stores enjoyed over 10,000 customers through our doors in a four-week period. We didn't have a counter at the warehouse, but traffic was super there too.

"We are also pleased to say that we stayed on budget. Larry used the opposite of current wisdom: which says that print advertising no longer works well. This is true unless you have the Larry Mullins touch. Larry has an organized way to help us do a better job of getting ready and staying focused throughout the promotion. Perhaps our biggest challenge was keeping our sales force excited, as they tended to get over-tired…a high-class problem. We can live with problems like this."

Bob & Jeff Winter
Discovery Furniture & RoomMaker Furniture, Topeka, Kansas

"Larry's sale strategies worked better than we could have ever imagined. We are a small mom and pop TV and furniture store with approximately 10,000 square feet of showroom in a small rural community. We’ve been family owned since 1957, so we had a reputation to protect. The program required only direct mail, print and radio ads, and they got people in the door! Larry's remodeling sale program worked right on schedule. We always had extra help around the store when he said we would need it, and we did need it! He was always available and ready to adjust the program if needed, like when we cut the sale back a week at the end because we ran out of inventory. This was not a bad problem to have! Thanks Larry for all of your help!"

Dwayne Nyman, Owner and CEO
Nyman Furniture & TV Bancroft, Iowa

"I had used a liquidator years ago and learned that they were the only people making money from the sale. So, when I decided to retire this year I turned to UltraSales and Larry Mullins, the same folks who helped me with a couple of very successful high impact sales. The difference was that this time I needed to get rid of every piece of furniture and accessory and I needed to pay creditors. My goal was to do 400% of my monthly average and at a high profit margin. Without invading our store, UltraSales helped plan the event in detail, from advertising to name tags and voicemail, created all of the advertising while I focused on my staff, the sales floor and delivery. UltraSales handled production of the window signs, price tag art, radio spots, newspaper ads, and direct mail pieces, even name tag art. Larry coached me with the media buying saving me a great deal. Larry was always as close as my phone, when I needed him. I was amazed that we had a higher profit margin than prior to the sale-without using item-price advertising! The bottom line is I reached my goals and I paid UltraSales a fraction of their value to me."

Martin Cates, Retired Owner
My Favorite Store, Rochester Hills, Michigan

"I THOUGHT WE HAD TRIED EVERYTHING, WITHOUT MUCH SUCCESS, TO GET SALES AND PROFITS UP. Then we tried a Larry Mullins High-Impact Sale. What a difference! His package covered every detail, and when I had a question he was right there with the answer. He supplied all the customized print, radio, signs, and direct mail, and we were free to sell furniture. Traffic was unbelievable. I read the directions in his Bluebook, and they made sense. I followed them exactly. My boss, Gary Hineline, the owner of Hineline Home Furnishings, had set a goal for our Harlan store of $200,000. Gary was delighted when our store cleared $338,688 ... with no price-item advertising! We were amazed at the profit margin. The sale has set a new benchmark for our sales team. Read and follow the directions. It works, and you can do it!"

Linda Knoell, General Manager
Hineline Home Furnishings Stores

'When I lost my lease after six years in Murfreesboro, Tennessee I had to do something quick. I talked to members in my buying group who had used on-site liquidators, and they reported expenses of eight to ten percent. Much too high. I also did not feel comfortable with a stranger coming into my store and taking over. So I called Larry Mullins. What a difference! I was in control! Larry's program was so complete, custom ads, signs, mail, radio, TV, everything! All I needed to do was sell furniture. I believe any furniture man who can run a good day-to-day business can execute one of Larry's sales. They will make a lot more profit and have a lot more fun. I highly recommend him."

Rex Logan, Former CEO
Rooms Galore, Murfreesboro, TN

"After 30 years in the music business, I found myself looking for a new venture. I discovered a small leather furniture store in St. Augustine, Florida, just south of my home in Jacksonville. I immediately started my furniture research, and found a series of articles written by Larry Mullins on the web at www.furninfo.com. They were common sense, insightful articles about the furniture business.

"After barely a week of training with the previous owner, I found myself all alone one Sunday. I don't mind telling you that I was praying for guidance. In comes a pleasant couple shopping for furniture. When I learned the couple I was working with was Larry and Joan Mullins, I explained to Larry that I had been reading his articles and had been using them to learn about my new industry. I told him that I wanted to work with him immediately.

"Since then we've done several promotions together, with each having greater success than the previous one. As a result, I have actually enjoyed increases in November, December and January! As I write this in mid-February, 2009, we are headed for the fourth record month in a row! Larry's promotions are well planned with every detail worked out in advance. His fees are reasonable, and I especially like the fact that Larry won't allow me to fail. He makes sure that I do my part and monitors the progress. An advisor of Larry's caliber, one who is moral and ethical as well as knowledgeable and experienced, has been invaluable to me."

Jeff Cohen, Owner
Leather by Design, St. Augustine, Florida

"I am now in the final phase of a Retirement Sale run by Larry Mullins of Ultrasales. I am very pleased with the results. Sales have been good and the profit is better than expected. Larry is easy to work with and is always available by telephone. He has many good ideas about all forms of advertising. I think his fee is reasonable. I have heard many 'horror stories' about hired promoters. Their fees are too high and they waste a lot of money on advertising. They tend to take over the business and run it to suit themselves, not caring about anyone else. I will be happy to discuss our Retirement Sale with any furniture store owner and answer any questions."

Ray Kinney
Kinney Furniture, Stamford, Texas